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 The product was produced and bottled by the wholesale liquor company of  Francis & Patrick Cassin in San Francisco from 1866 to about 1868. Northern California saw a tremendous boost in its economy right after the Civil war and with it came some very fancy upscale products like this. It was scarcely distributed within certain regions of Northern California and Nevada during the 1860s.  This one is identical in color and character  to a commonly found 1860s black glass ale bottle. It was blown by  glass artisans at the San Francisco Glass Works, circa 1867. Note the mold makers mistake in placing a comma  instead of an apostrophe between the N&S in the name "Cassin's". The "Black Glass" & Aqua bottles are likely the rarest colors. An extremely rare & desirable Western bottle with less than 10 undamaged examples known in any color.


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